Some design projects that I’m proud of

Morgana’s Kitchen

One day my roommates and I were discussing opening up a farmer’s market booth and the idea for Morgana’s Kitchen was born, named after our cat Morgana. Thus a logo was born, now about to be used to decorate bottles of homemade vanilla for holiday gifts. The process went through a couple of stages: sketches, feedback, picking the design, the first digital version, more feedback, another go, more feedback and voila! A gorgeous fluffy cat in an adorable chefs hat.

Shows the 3 digital versions of the Morgana's Kitchen logo

Women in Computing Pamphlet, Projects Version

During my time at RIT, I was a member of the Women in Computing organization, particularly, the Projects committee where we developed many projects, like the magic mirror. We would usually display these projects at about to maker fairs a year and we needed a pamplet to showcase our projects and give people links to their github pages. My first time version of this was used in 2019 and I completely revised it in 2020 which ended up much cleaner and professional.

Shows the front and back pages of the WiC pamphlet

My Logo

My logo is something I’m very proud of and am always tweaking just a little bit, heres a couple versions, including my current iteration.

Figma screenshots for Eat Safe design